10 Ways Nas’ “Illmatic” Changed Hip-Hop

Time is Illmatic. Nas’s debut album Illmatic is the crown jewel of the mid-’90s classics that still define the genre. Unlike Biggie’s Ready to Die or Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt, which were released in its wake, Illmatic was the game-changer that forever transformed the landscape of East Coast hip-hop. Not only did it establish Nas as the Best Rapper Alive for 1994. it raised the stakes for hip-hop production, […]

Graffiti Documentary – The Legend of Cool “Disco” Dan

Cool “Disco” Dan was here. And here. And seemingly everywhere. Through the life story of this shy and troubled, but also resilient, young man, the filmmakers successfully shed light on “chocolate” D.C. at the end of the 20th century. The documentary narrated by D.C. native Henry Rollins that tells the story of Washington, D.C. in […]