Hello everyone!

My name is David Ristevski, a.k.a. “DzaDze”. The exquisite and charming country that I call home is Republic of Macedonia, with its majestic capital Skopje, which I currently reside in.

I’m a Web and Graphic Designer as well as a wicked Illustrator. My repertoire includes: stunning logos design, make pixel-perfect and detail oriented web design (both PC and smartphone platforms), and last but not least illustration of lovely and badass characters. I just love my work, in everything I do, I leave a piece of my heart within. More importantly my first goal is to satisfy all of your requirements, dear visitor.

Currently employed in the creative department of NewMediaMK, Skopje, Macedonia.

DzaDze dz-a-dze noun
1. adventurous soul
2. adores graffiti
3. madly in love with Dark Beer & Haribo

PS: Dreadlocks on my head forever!

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